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Objective: Lunch Service

Needs: All seating arrangements for bookings must be assigned accordingly before opening the door


Training Aids / Equipment: Computer and LCD Projector

When the guests arrive at the restaurant, they  must be welcome by cheerful smiling faces with a warm and polity greeting "Good Morning" 1.All seating arrangements for bookings must be assigned accordingly before opening the door
2.All mise-en-place must be ready for service as per SOP stated before opening
3.Check with pantry and kitchen to ensure that all confirmed menus and reserved items are in place
4.To call the guests of party for 6 and above and those who have booked the PDRs to reconfirm and to reconfirm the time, number of persons and all related details, if there is any changes, alterations / adjustments must be done right away
5.All staff are stand by and ready for service
6.All sections in the kitchen are ready for service
7.The updated newspapers are ready
8.Check the lighting, air-con are on, the fire exits are unlocked
9.All tables are properly set as required
10.The pantry has all condiments and sauces prepared as per SOP
11.The door of the restaurant must be opened on time, there is no circumstances the door can be opened later than originally  scheduled
12.If the dim sum (snack) SOP is NCR tick form, the tick forms in folder with a pen must be placed on all guest tables  
13.If the Dim Sum are to be served from trolleys, all trolleys must be ready for service
14.The guests to be brought to the designated table, the service  associate must approach to the guest and greet them with a shining smiling face and the SOP stated should be applied
15.The names on directional sign are set accordingly
16.The PDRs are set according to the requirements as per required
17.For those parties to be held in PDRs, thus the menu is still not yet confirmed, a menu proposal to be ready for the guest and propose to them when they arrive
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