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Objective: PDR Service

Needs: One table menu is for 3-4 persons


Training Aids / Equipment: Computer and LCD Projector

  1.The PDR must be set up as per requested such as: number of attendance, table and seating arrangements, table top  requirements...
2.Check whether the guest is on the guest history record / chopstick club or bottle club
3.If the name is on the list, look at the guest history record to find out the guest's likes, dislikes and special requirements, and apply  accordingly
4.If the menu has been confirmed, table menus must be placed on the table
5.All mise-en-place must be checked and ready for service and ensure that those are what the guest requested
6.Service Bar must be set as per SOP
7.Set up pre-dinner cocktail area if required
8.The service associate assigned for the PDR must check whether the kitchen order is in order and in place as requested and ready for service (if the menu has been confirmed)
9.Have all condiments and sauces ready according to the menu
10.Check if there is any special requests such as seating  arrangements, baby chair, number of seats, table decorations, face towels, serving gears, operating equipments, special wine /  beverage arrangements, no pork no lard, vegetarian...
11.Any special requests must be executed, have the beverages stand by and the related equipments ready such as: glasses, wine cooler / baskets, warmer for Chinese Hua Tiao Wine, pot, cups dried  prunes, rock sugar...
12.The manager must introduce himself to the host or the organizer, in the mean time he should find out what is the nature of the party unless he has known before hand. If this is a birthday party, he should check whether the cake has been arranged and who is the birthday boy, so the arrangements can be made, meanwhile he should also introduce the service associate who is assigned to take care of this party to the guest
13.The service associate must get to know who the host is, who the organizer is, who the guest of honour is, how they should be  addressed, and go through once again with the host or the organizer all details (the best timing is to do it before the arrival of the rest of the guests)
14.Check whether wines / liquors / beverages displayed on the service bar meet with the host's requirements i.e.: he would like to go for premium brands, regular brands or any particular brands, items must be alternated immediately
15.Soya sauce, tidbits can be pre-set on the table, face towels can be pre-placed, drinking water can be pre-poured, wine can be opened to let it breath if the wine is confirmed in advance
16.If the menu is not yet confirmed, a menu proposal must be ready at average price and keep aside, when the host or the organizer  arrived can show it to him
17.The assigned service associate to stand by, and must not keep the room unattended
18.The manager should assign the guest's favourable staff to serve the party (if any)
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