Club Management

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Audiovisual Supervisor

Duties: Coordinate all activities using audio and visual equipment for a hotel, resort, cruise ship, convention center, or other meeting facility     

Alternate Title(s): Audiovisual Specialist; Director of Audiovisual Services    

Salary Range: From $9.00 an hour; $22,000 to $59,000 annually   

Employment Prospects: Excellent    

Advancement Prospects: Good    

Ladies Learning the Business of Golf

If more small-business women knew how much
business gets transacted on the golf course,
they’d take up the game in a heartbeat, believes
Dee Sweeney, president of the Executive
Women’s Golf Association’s Seattle chapter.
It’s a challenge to get more women exposed
to the friendly sport—and to the business
dealings that happen while playing it.
Currently, men take advantage of the game’s
business opportunities far more frequently than
women do.
‘‘It’s not in our culture yet,’’ Sweeney says.
According to her, many women in business