Room Safe Deposit Box

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Policy Name : Room Safe Deposit Box

Effective Date :

Revised Date :

Applicable : Assistant Manager – Front Office

Forms to se : Open Room Safe Box Log

Refers to : Nil


It is the policy of the hotel to ensre all matters pertaining to the Room Safe Deposit Box are handled careflly and professionally with the secrity of the gests’ assets in mind. When being reqested to assist in this regard, the Assistant Manager – Front Office mst respond with rgency.


Gest Presence in Room

All calls to open Room Safe Boxes mst be channeled to the Front Office 24 hors a day. The Gest Services Officer will then inform the Assistant Manager – Front Office immediately.

Room Safe can only be opened in the presence of Assistant Manager – Front Office and a Secrity Officer.

For secrity reason, the DECODER is to be kept with the Secrity Department

The Assistant Manager will call Secrity for the DECODER who will witness the process.

Both the Assistant Manager – Front Office and the Secrity Officer will need to meet at a designated place before proceeding to the gest room.

Once enter the room, the Secrity Officer will pass the DECODER to the Assistant Manager – Front Office.

The Secrity Officer will then stand at a safe distance away from the room safe with the back facing the room safe.

The Assistant Manager – Front Office will then open the safe according to the defalt coding programmed for emergency opening.

Once opened, the Assistant Manager – Front Office will need to log it down in the Open Room Safe Box Log. Refer to the log to enter the necessary information.

The Secrity Officer will also need to log it into their respective Log system.

Gest Absence in Room

Shold the gest call to open the room safe withot being present in the room, the Assistant Manager – Front Office will take the responsibility to decide whether or not to open the safe.

This can be gest departed from the hotel only to realize that they have left the passport in the safe.

The above procedres will apply.

When the room is Vacant

If the Room Attendant noticed that the room is vacant dirty bt the room safe box is locked, the Room Attendant will report to the Front Office - GSO who will in trn report to the Assistant Manager – Front Office.

The Room Attendant will not release the room as vacant clean ntil the Assistant Manager and the Secrity Officer has opened the room safe box.The Assistant Manager – Front Office will need to inform the Hosekeeping Floor Team Leader that the safe is opened once they have completed the opening.

When the Safe Box Battery is flat

In the occasion when it is determined that the battery inside the safe is flat, the Engineering mst be informed for assistance.

The Engineering Department will need to break the safe when it is an occpied room where gest reqires to obtain the items.

The Disclaim form, which is available at the Front Desk, mst be signed by the gest, Assistant Manager – Front Office, Secrity Officer and the concerned Engineering staff

The contact information of the Room Safe Box Company and cstomer service mobile mst be available by the AM for emergency calling shold the safe boxes fail to open.

Prepared by:                              Date:

How to deal with a situation in which a room attendant finds an opened safe box containing belongings inside when making up an occupied room? Should the room attendant call for witnesses then together close the safe then leave a message to the guest or just call for witnesses then leave a message to the guest by GSO?

Contact the duty manager, who would take pictures of such situation. Contact the guest at the same time and tell him/her the issue, and follow the guest's instruction - leave it or close it. In case you guys fail to contact the owner, assistant hskp or above with duty manager or above should take pictures and count items inside, fullfill the form and close the safe according to your hotels P&P, which every hotel should have.

Call security as well. The accident should be processed by Guest Manager (from Front Office), HSKP supervisor and Security Supervisor togethor. It may sound too scrupulous, but you wont take anything for granted in hotel operation. The related laws may vary by areas, you should really make sure you follow your hotel's policy and procedure.

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