Google Travel Tries Cheapest Flight Price Guarantee

Other new features include historical price comparison for specific itineraries, travel products recommendation, etc.

google travel page

Google travel is aggressively making itself a one-stop shop for travel booking, in addition to the features encouraging users to book flights and plan trips directly, It also add recommendations for hotels, restaurants, and activities at destinations you’re flying in to, and suggestions for which neighborhoods to stay in depending on how much you’ll willing to spend, what you plan to do on your trip, and more. These should all roll out to Google Travel in the coming weeks.

Google has been updating its travel tools rather frequently in recent years, highlighted by the launch of a travel portal in May which unified all of the features and menus into a single web page. But that was just the beginning, as the new features arriving this week seem built to convince users never to book travel anywhere else.

The function of historical price comparison for specific itineraries can alert users when a price is going to spike or at the lowest. It’s also offering a pricing guarantee for bookings made in the next couple of weeks, you’ll get a refund of the difference if Google is wrong.

"We're confident that for certain flights, the price you're seeing is the lowest available," a Google spokesperson told ABC News. "That's why we're guaranteeing that if the price drops before the plane takes off, we'll refund the difference."

For any flights booked through Google that originate in the U.S. (regardless of destination) between August 13 and September 2, for which Google sends you an alert notifying you that the price is predicted to be at its lowest, the company will notify you if it does drop and then send you a refund on the price difference between what it predicted (i.e. what you paid) and the lowest actual fare.

Overall, it’s clear that Google is making an aggressive play to own your overall travel and trip planning — and it has the advantage of having more data, better engineering and a whole lot more in the way of design skills when compared to just about every dedicated travel booking company out there.