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The concierge mainly works at the lobby, close to the main entrance of hotels, malls or other buildings to greet guests and provide delivering service, booking service and handle other requests and enquiries from guests.

The concierge (comte des cierges, or keeper of the candles) whose history can be traced back to feudal times in French. Being in charge of maintaining the candles for each event, they knew where all the functions in the palace would take place. Over time, the responsibilities of the comte des cierges became catering to every whim and desire of a palace’s visiting nobility.

As the 20th century began, the international tourism industry expanded rapidly, largely because of the thrive of rail and steamship travel. Switzerland’s grand hotels, the hotel industry pioneers, created the ‘hall porter’ position to perfect its guests experience. These first ever modern concierges took care everything from welcoming the guests at the station with a luxury horse-drawn carriage to assisting them with every detail of their stay.


Functions and duties

  • Greet guests at lobby to offer service initiatively, collecting feedbacks and follow up complains
  • Maintain a database with extensive local life information and develop networks with travel agents, restaurants, theaters, events companies, hospitals, airlines, tourism officers, etc. to provide guests information and making arrangement for them.
  • Taking parcels, luggage, messages or other items for guests and deliver them properly with records.
  • Prepare free brochures, maps, pamphlets for guests to pick and view.
  • Maintain clear, proper and accurate records of all luggage kept at concierge storeroom.
  • Monitor Transportation Supervisor to finish all assignments given by management, and to keep proper records of all transportation activities.
  • Handling special or unique requests
  • Acting as a personal assistant, such as picking up food or dry cleaning

Concierge Organization

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