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Business center

A business center in a hotel is the place where hotel guests can use office/business equipment, services and facilities for free or rent. The business centers of large business hotels may provide more equipment and services than most business travelers expect, meanwhile a small hotel may only have a "business corner" or have no business center—only printing or copy service from front desk. Depending on the needs of a hotel's target customers, the business center facilities and services may include:

  • 24-hour access with room key
  • Copying, typing, printing, pager service
  • Fax service
  • High Speed Internet and computer workstations
  • Messenger service
  • Overnight delivery/pickup
  • Package Handling
  • Office supplies
  • Private offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Lounges
  • Libraries
  • Secretarial services
  • Translation services

A survey in the 1990s found that up to 85% of business travelers require office related services (PC, printer, fax machine, Photocopying) in a hotel, nearly 60% of these travelers indicate it's one of the most important factors.

Hotel business centers came into popularity in the 1980s, when properties rushed to install banks of stationary PCs, printers and fax machines that could be rented on an hourly basis. At the more upscale hotels, they were complimentary. However, today's advanced business travel gadgets, collaboration apps and mobile boarding passes allow business travelers to be their own mobile offices. In fact, most hotels have gotten rid of business centers all together, swapping them out for free Wi-Fi and high-tech in-room and property-wide amenities.

Coming with the extensively spread of PC and mobile devices, the emerging e-commerce provides business center a new chance; today a business center without package handling and overnight delivery/pickup service is unimaginable, even though concierge may offer the same service instead.

business center

Business center supervisor

Essential Duties

  • Ensure as well as to up-keep all equipment of the business center in good condition and be responsible for its general maintenance.
  • Responsible for updating all valid business information, knowledge to operate computer, typewriter, photocopier and telecommunication machines.
  • Provide rental equipment to house guests and apply pertinent charges according to the business center tariff.
  • Provide accurate and useful, industrial and commercial, import and export business information to guests as required.
  • Negotiate with local & overseas courier companies to provide courier service for our guests.
  • Supervise the business center Clerks to provide secretarial service as well as flight ticket handling and reconfirmation.
  • Be fully aware of the daily and monthly revenue related to the business center and prepare report accordingly.
  • Ensure front office manager being well informed on every aspect concerning daily operation; perform any assignments as delegated by him or his assistant.
  • Staffing and training program development. Ensure the personal grooming, attitude and hygiene of the business center clerk up to hotel standard.
  • Prepare staff duty roster to ensure adequate coverage of the occupancy of hotel.
  • Conduct and devise training program for all employees to uplift their morale and improve their professional skill.
  • Maintain the cleanness of the working area and involved in energy conservation.
  • Perform all duties, other than the above as requested by the hotel policies and/or his/her direct supervisor (AFOM or GSM).

Business center clerk

Essential Duties

  • Provide high level of secretarial service, e.g. typing & word processing service for guests.
  • Fax handling.
  • Maintain adequate stocks of office supplies.
  • Provide information on the import and export business and trading to guests as requested.
  • Adopt a friendly, helpful and pleasant attitude to all guests.
  • Seek advice and guidance from the business center Supervisor, or Assistant Manager whenever encounters difficulties or special requests in daily operation.
  • Keep up the cleanliness and workflow of the internal working area. Attend regular meeting coordinated by the business center. Self-Supervisor to discuss situations for improvement.
  • Ensure appearance, hygiene, courtesy and telephone manners are in good order.
  • Maintain close working co-operation with other departments as well as all sections in front office.
  • Perform all duties, other than the above as requested by the hotel policies and/or his/her direct supervisor.


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